Straight Talk: Kjerstin & Joel Tell it Like it Is!

Back in February, Emir and I made a trip out west where we had the opportunity to connect with the ever fabulous Kjerstin & Joel as well as two radtastically great guys… the Bui Brothers.

I wanted a way to show future (and potential future) clients what it’s really like to work with me as your wedding photographer. What better way than to hear it straight from people who’ve been there, done that? :)

The Bui Brothers are real pros at capturing the client’s side of the story. So easy to work with, and absolutely know their stuff. If you’ve seen their online presence, I have to tell you, they do not disappoint in person…. Thanks so much guys!

A  super special thank you to Kjerstin & Joel. You two are nothing short of treasure!

PS: This whole event came about through twitter, where I first met Lan and Vu Bui. We hit it off, and eventually got to break bread in California. How cool is THAT?  Two cheers for social media!

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Dana - Khara – you are creative and a business mogul; a deadly combination… Congrats on the video – way cool.

Lane - LOVE. IT.

Meg - Loved it! You are such a fun person! :)

Carly - Khara!! You are so too cool for school hun! Too cute! You’ll never make it over here to the Irish isles, you’re going to be worked off your feet ;)

Rachel @ American Mum - Love it! You’re adorable and your sessions look fun. Great video!

Brooke Mayo - Amazing Khara!!! This is sooo you!! You rock!

Sarah Neal - Love that they left the cheesy commentary in at the end. hahaha. I think if you fail at becoming famous for your photos (which you won’t) you could go and be a host on like Entertainment Tonight. ;)

Ashley - I love it Khara. It is just perfect and so fun!

Katie - Khara! You are ROCKTASTIC!!!! FAB!

Alex - I love it! Beautiful filming! You shine, Khara!

Brenda Landrum - Great Video Khara!!!

Melissa Jill :) - Fun video Khara!!

Kayla - I LOVE it! Awesome video!!!

Tam - That was FAAAB-U-LOUS! I love it, I will never grow tired I watching you grow and grow and grow. You inspire me! Love you!

Mandi - you are too cool for school Khara!!!!

It was super fun to watch, What a blast

Tara Korth - This video is so fun! It really does explain exactly the experience your clients will have with you!!…..pure awesomeness (if thats a word….) You are a rockstar!! I am soooo excited for you to shoot our wedding i can hardly stand it!

Cherie - Doesn’t get any better than this! Great promo! Makes me want to get married all over again and have you capture the moments :-)

Jill - Khara! This video is so cool! I’m excited for others to be able to see how creative and talented you are! (I went to school with Joel, so it was fun to see him! You picked a great couple to film!)

We are looking forward to having you take pictures at our wedding! Take care!

Elena Hernandez - Very Very Cute promo and it shows your personality and the type of fun clients that are going to be attracted to you.
Great job by the BUI Brothers! They ROCK.

Stephanie - Khara your video rocks!! I’m so excited to have you as our wedding photographer…can’t wait!!

Deborah Kates - Awesome video!! Great Photographs!!!!!!!!

Lynn - Just seeing this now, it’s AWESOME! I love it! :)

Mandy - Khara – you are truly a force to be reckoned with. You RULE. Other photographers drool! I know you’ll keep raising the bar. Muah! <3

Jenn Larson - Hi,
So you do weddings? Please talk to me about your packages or what you charge.

Thank you!

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maria gauthier - OH KHARA!!!! SO NOT CHEESY SOOOOOO BRILLIANT! YOU truly are beyond talent!

lorene - Your such an inspiration to other photographers on showing “use your imagination and your inner eye!!” I just love your style!! Can’t say it enough and after watching your video…well let’s just say…your personality matches the photos you take!! Exciting, full of life and emotion and best of all..just awesome!! keep up the good work and I will definitely send business your way when I get too busy!!!! =]

Amber Straw - Hello my name is amber and I am searching for a photographer for our wedding day! I have been referred to you by another photographer here in omaha. I was wondering if you were available for a wedding on both the weekends of October 26th and the first Saturday of November. We are waiting to hear from a few venues before we set the date for sure so I thought I would see what your availability was. I was also wanting information on pricing for the wedding day, engagement session, and if we would get a cd with all the rights to the photos as well?! Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Amber Straw

Gian Carlo - Hi Khara

I hope you are well. It might sound a bit funny but I have not been able to get you completely off my mind since the time you were on creative live. Let me explain, I am referring to your course of course. I love it and I never purchased it but as my business growns I realize how much I need to get fast at designing albums. I am proficient in indesign user and I been using it for layout my albums but I really need to become more efficient with the process. So, my question is in regards of asking a recommendation on what to purchase. I do not have tons of money to buy all the things you offer but I need to get something to help. My original idea was to purchase your creativelive course and just set up my indesign as you done yours. After looking at your website I realize that you offer a few things there that are similar.
I am not sure if I should purchase the indesign tutorial you got there. Or just buy the Creative live one. I really like your templates too but I notice you have a bundle which is a little more than I was planning to spend. What do you recommend that I do to suit my needs.

thank you and I hope you and your business are better than ever.


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