Holley: Horse Poop & All… Still Gorgeous!

Holley stopped over back in October to knock out the required yearbook photo…. and we saved the fun stuff until last week. :) How rockin’ is this horse trailer shot? Totally worth schlucking gear through horse poop to create, don’t cha think? :)


Dolled up and gorgeous!


Holley’s horse, Lady, wasn’t too fond of having us trying to tell her what to do. She went a bit nuts and gave Holley a ride for her money. This frame was captured before Lady figured out what we were up to…..


A girl and her truck….. I love the sticker on the back….


Double threat! Country cow-girl… and glamour starlet… all at the same time!


Nicely done Holley!

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Christina - Great location!

sara from whitebox - love the red horse trailer shots! you rock!

Karen Musgrove - Fabulous shots. So many of them look like Holley is on the cover of an album cover (boy, do that “date” me!). Way to go, Holley. See you at graduation in June.

Karen Musgrove - Sorry for the subject/verb agreement error–I meant to say–Boy, does that date me!!

Kaity - GORGEOUS! The colors are absolutely beautiful.

Khara - Thanks ya’ll! Holley rocked it big time! :)

Katherine Field - Khara, can’t stop looking at Holley’s photos. What will I do for entertainment when you remove them from your blog page? Gasp! Thanks for a great day, a great shoot, a great experience with my daughter Holley. Let’s do it again when little brother Jake is a senior in 3 years!

Ellie from Dearly Loved Photography - I LOVE the trailer shots. You have wonderful post processing skills as well. Beautiful!

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