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Super Quick Holiday Card Design

Check out how easy it is to make this quick holiday card using a couple of this week’s freebies from Creative Market! Grab your copy of Bernal Sans Typeface and this Merry Christmas set, and let’s get Photoshopping!

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Behind the Shot: Halloween

In celebration of Zé’s first Halloween and the lumberjack hat/beard I crocheted for him, I put together the above graphic and thought it’d be fun to share how I made it. To accomplish the clean white background, normally I would shoot on white seamless (lit to delicious pure white perfection), but my studio gear is currently […]

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Tech Help: Missing Airplay Icon

After milking the last drop of usefulness from my old MacBook Pro, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a new (Retina) model. One of the things I was most looking forward to was the ability to restore balance to Emir’s AppleTV access from his MacBook Air (my old MacBook was too old to […]

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