ShootShack: Lindsey + John

In a fun departure from our classic ShootShack backdrop, Lindsey opted for gold sequins to fit the rest of her gold and pink theme. It was a huge hit—I love these images!


ShootShack_0232ShootShack_0167Yours truly alongside Jeff and Adam from JF+M. (They did a phenomenal job on the wedding video—watch it here. If you want cinematography at your wedding—contact them!)

ShootShack_0277ShootShack_0335ShootShack_0544ShootShack_0605ShootShack_0628ShootShack_0712ShootShack_0731ShootShack_0764And this, ladies and gents, is Candace from Lovestruck Weddings and Events. She’s a wedding planning super star, and it was WONDERFUL to work with her and her associate, Lindsay, on this event. If you need help with your wedding plans—she’s your gal!


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Sarah Dover - How can we view the shoot shack pix from the wedding??

Sarah Dover - How do we view the shoot shack pix of us?

Down the Aisle: Adrian + Holly

Hastings, Nebraska was bursting at the seams with love this past Saturday as Adrian and Holly tied the knot and became “The Carlsons.” (How fun is that?)


Isn’t the lace on Holly’s dress gorgeous? I love wedding dresses with some sort of strap…



Air born!



I love the expression on her face here… like she’s not quite sure about that corsage…


Congrats you two—enjoy Estes Park!!!

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Down the Aisle: Clar + Mike

Being invited back to photograph the wedding of a sibling of a previous client is among the most ultimate in compliments. It’s been nearly four years since I shot Trevor + Allison’s wedding, and it was a blast to see everyone again (along with a new grand daughter to boot). Clar and Mike are both fortunate to have such loving, supportive, and connected families. From the toast Mike’s brother gave to Clar’s dance with her dad… there were plenty of joyful tears to go around.


Trevor, Allison, and Lillia! (Guessing on the spelling… hope I’m at least close?)


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Down the Aisle: Megan + John

I remember when Megan was just a kid, and I’d see her around at neighborhood and school events. This weekend, escorted by her father, a very grown up Megan walked down the aisle and into John’s arms. It was an honor to be there to capture the beginning of their new adventure. Much love!


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