Down the Aisle: Alicia + Anton

When it comes to Alicia and Anton’s wedding, words fail me. Thankfully, I have photos… so I’ll let them do the talking.

Hats off to a tremendous one-of-a-kind event pulled off with massive collaboration from AAA Rentals, The Stem Gallery, Deb Schulte, and a flurry of incredible entertainers, cake designers and dress makers from all over the country. Touché. Tou-freaking-ché.



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Down the Aisle: Lindsey + John

I’m sure Lindsey has been chomping at the bit to see this sneak peek… and the truth is, when I first went through and had my own sneak peek at everything, I originally picked 167 images for the blog. As much as I would love to post them all here, 167 images is a bit crazy (even for me). So it took me awhile to come to terms with saving some of them for later (not too much later, just later this week when their entire wedding edit and album design are finished).

There’s not much I can say that the pictures don’t already convey: The day was perfect, Lindsey was a vision, and everyone had a rockin’ good time. Lindsey assembled an all-star team of vendors to help make her dreams come true including Lovestruck Weddings and Events, JF+M, and The 402.


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Rosemary Eastwood - LOVE every single one!! xoxo

Melanie Gross - These are gorgeous!!!

Blooms and Bouquets - Such amazing pictures!

Michael Stoltenberg - Beautiful beyond comment!