Loveshoot: Rachel + Ron

It’s not every day that you go to buy a car—and come home with a husband! (Ok, it wasn’t quite that fast, but these two met when he sold her a car. Isn’t that a hoot?) We had a ball making the most of the best the season has to offer, and I even captured Ron’s super stealth (and adorable) smile!


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Down the Aisle: Katie + Craig

Katie and Craig are still on their honeymoon (in Italy!!!), but their images are finished (as is their album design) and will be waiting for them upon their return! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the goodness that will greet them when they make it back to their inbox. :) What a fun day!


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Down the Aisle: Buzz + Andre

You know you’re in for a treat when the bride’s nickname is Buzz! Being in residency in NYC, she’s crazy busy, so her dad did most of the wedding planning, and I didn’t get much interaction with Buzz until I walked in Saturday morning and introduced myself. I was immediately smitten and instantly knew the day would be a blast. And wouldn’t you know, I was right! Then I met Andre and I thought—how does this keep getting even more awesome? What a gorgeous couple! And so in love. When you look at the photos you can tell they were radiating joy all day long.

An adventurous gal myself, I was fascinated to learn that Buzz climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with her brother and dad. (It’s on my list!) And later in the evening, after a first dance that was too smooth for words, I found out that Andre, a scientist who’s originally from Jamaica, was a professional ballroom dance instructor in college. Because—of course he was. He’s fascinating and talented like that. See what I mean? Spending the day with these two and their families was like much needed medicine for my heart. Thank you all!


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